A thoughtful gift, received when your recipient least expects it. It helps to make you stand out.


How We Can Help

The first gifts shipped by House of Webster went to soldiers during WWII...yes, that is 70 years of gourmet gift-handling experience!
Whether you are looking for an exclusive gift for a close friend or for something appropriate for hundreds of your business accounts, we take the stress out of your business gift challenge.

• We offer many gifts at every price level and offer discounts per quantity.
• We can adapt existing gifts to your specific requirement by changing the products to match your expectations of taste and cost.
• We take care of all the details for you, from packing your selection into a mail-ready box to a prompt delivery at your chosen time.
• Choose to receive all the gifts to your location to hand out in person, or send us a list of each recipient and we will drop-ship them for you. You just pay the shipping!
• We will include a card (yours or ours) in each package.
• We offer Private Labeling at no extra charge or gift orders over 50 indentical products.
• We ship year-round : if you'd rather ship 4th of July gifts, or Memorial Day gifts, we are ready for it.
• If your customers buy from you once a year or you are trying to make an impression after a large purchase, don't wait until the holidays! Just send us a list of your weekly or monthly gift recipients and we will handle it promptly, week after week, year-round.
Our founder Roy Webster's motto was: "No order is too small to be appreciated or too big to be handled". This has not changed.
Corporate Gift Giving Tips:
Experts agree: it's always a good idea to show your gratitude to your clients to build or maintain a long-term relationship, to a colleague who passed a great referral to you, to your employees for their participation in your enterprise's success.
• Demonstrate that your care for your customers, with a memorable gift that they will truly appreciate.
• Be grateful and thankful year-round. When everyone is sending holiday gifts, be unique and choose the right timing to achieve your objective: a birthday, a recently opened account, a completed job, a once-a-year purchase might warrant a gift outside of the holiday season.
• Go First-Class with your gifts to match your service and your appreciation. A meaningless, generic or impersonal item will certainly end up in the trash.
• You don't have to blow your budget or drive yourself crazy trying to find the perfect gift. Select a specialty food gift, it is always appreciated!