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co-pack services

We at House of Webster are ready and able to produce and/or package Jelly, Preserves, fruit butters, Fruit Spreads, Salsas, Relishes, Mustards, Syrups and Salad Dressings.



1. Formulation

2. Nutrition and ingredient statements

3. Product specification sheets and label approval

4. Packaging design

5. Material Sourcing

6. Produce Photo and demo samples


3 Batch Minimum: In each container size. As an example, 3 batches will yield about 3600 units in a pint container. Approximately 175 gallons per batch, case count estimates provided actual production counts may vary.

Plant Capacity: 20 or more batches per shift. House of Webster packs containers from 1 oz. to 2.5 gallon, glass and plastic containers, lug and CT closures, hot fill and hold, naturally acid and acidified foods.

RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT FEE MAY APPLY - Full service product development $300 per item

  • Upon test sample approval we will provide nutritional information, ingredient statement and bar code. Note: If customer contracts with another packer, bar codes are not transferable and will remain property of House of Webster.


  • House of Webster will provide a Confidentiality Agreement to customer before receiving and recipe/s.
  • Original Recipe's will remain sole property of the customer. However, production recipe/s will be retained by House of Webster and are not transferable.


  • Upon receiving acknowledgement of Confidentiality Agreement, Recipe/s and research and development fee, House of Webster will produce a sample/s of customer product to their specifications* and will provide a cost per case. On first production, we request customer to be present.
  • *Limited to process equipment and procedures, and ingredient available at House of Webster.


  • Half (1/2) invoice total before production, balance when product is picked up or shipped. Product will need to be picked up or shipped within two (2) weeks of production.